4 Local Breweries Raising Glasses to Social Good

By June 27, 2017 No Comments

It’s BBQ season and that can only mean one thing: cracking a cold one with your buds. We like the champagne of beers as much as anyone but we’re certainly partial to frequenting local microbreweries – especially ones giving back to the community in meaningful ways. Chatting with our beer-slinging friends across the city, we found that each brewery has a different philosophy on community service and a unique approach to philanthropy. We rounded up four of our favorite local breweries that share their wealth in inspiring ways; you just have the hard work of drinking them down. Now try not to get too thirsty as you enjoy this flight of sudsy social good.


Monday Night Brewing’s $100k in 100 Days

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A commitment to give away $100,000 of in-kind space, beer and publicity donations in the first 100 days of opening the brewery’s Westside location.

Our greatest asset is the beer we make and an amazing space we have to bring people together. We have had the opportunity to work with nonprofits at our existing location and that has brought about some pretty cool results; we have been able to throw fundraisers for small nonprofits who never dreamed they would have an event on such a big scale. As we open our new home on the Westside we want to bring that philosophy with us. We specifically want to focus on bringing our unique skills and assets to the community around our new brewery. We are so excited about the amount of interest in this initiative – the only bummer is that we can’t say yes to every amazing nonprofit in our city.


Second Self Beer Company’s Employee-Driven Giving

A dedication to letting company employees dictate the giving priorities of the brewery.

Every full-time employee at Second Self gets to pick a charity they care about and those are the ones we support. Second Self’s beer is greater than the sum of its parts but so is the company; we want to support causes that our employees believe in because we believe in them. We had a lot of help starting Second Self and the least we can do is help the community. So many people have such big dreams in this city and it’s hard to have a space to realize them. Now that we have a platform, Second Self wants to do what we can to help other people. I encourage other nonprofits to talk to us and find a champion among the employees at Second Self Brewery.


Red Brick Brewing’s Whale Shark Wheat

A tasty wheat beer in stores across metro Atlanta created specifically to benefit the Georgia Aquarium.

Our partnership with the Georgia Aquarium is a very natural one since the proceeds from Whale Shark Wheat goes to support the organization’s research and conservation. The craft beer industry, Red Brick Brewing especially, has a very strong focus on sustainability so it’s awesome to raise funds for an organization that has the same values that we do. We have been able to redouble the impact since our distributor has been kind enough to match our donation and we are selling tees and pint glasses at the brewery to further benefit the Aquarium. But the beer is going fast so pick up your brews soon since the stock is swimming off the shelves!


Eventide Brewing’s Curiosity Club

A brewery-hosted meeting of makers and doers interesting in learning homesteading skills and supporting a nonprofit that promotes sustainable living.

When Eventide started, our owners would drink their homebrew at twilight – or eventide. Once we opened the tasting room, we wanted to preserve the idea of bootstrapping and using skills that have been lost in this technological age. So we joined forces with The Homestead ATL; they teach workshops on traditional skills and we give them 100% of proceeds from ticket sales. We see value in preserving these skills and feel it is our social duty to educate and empower others to be able to provide for themselves. If we forget to how to grow food or build homes, we create scenarios where there are food deserts and blight. We see these scenarios in Atlanta daily and are glad to enable change.

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