5 Reasons We’re Stoked for Plywood Presents

By August 1, 2017 No Comments

Plywood Presents is kicking off this week and our internal child is gleaming with excitement like it’s the night before Christmas. Now entering its eighth year, Plywood Presents has successfully brought thousands of innovators, entrepreneurs, creatives, and activists together to get into good trouble.

Here are five reasons why we’re stoked and why you should be too.


Up and comers behind Kids Boost, FLY Life, Goodr, 180 Your Life, and Gangstas to Growers will be pitching their brilliant ideas for cheddar to take their cause to the next level. It might be your first time hearing their brilliant idea or maybe you’ve heard of them already – either way, it’s bound to be inspiring. Added bonus – everyone pitching is a female founder!


Atlanta is brimming with gifted entrepreneurs, many of whom have their finger on the pulse of social impact. You’ll get to meet badass folks like Eryn Erickson of So Worth Loving who reps the A in outstanding ways. Whether they are taking the stage or amongst the crowd, you’re guaranteed to meet inspiring folks right here in our fine city.


Plywood Presents loves to showcase hustlers from across the US who are getting shit done. We are excited to hear from (*ahem* and fawn over) talent like Mimi Valdes who worked on the recent hit – and Screen Actors Guild Winner for Outstanding Performance – Hidden Figures. She’s also the Creative Director for Pharrell’s i am OTHER. Mimi is one of many making their way to ATL this week.


Get that handshake ready because you’re bound to meet and greet with up to a grand of movers and shakers during PP. Let’s be honest though, being in the South calls for hugs over handshakes. Take your pick of approach and get ready to network your nay nay. Every. Connection. Counts.


Inspiration is always front and center at Plywood Presents. Whether it’s while you’re sunken into your seat at a presentation, hearing a new approach to a problem at the Idea Competition, or making new friends, we promise you’ll walk away with more inspo than that Pinterest board you never got around to implementing.

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Photo of Eryn Erickson from ‘Spotlighting Local Social Entrepreneurs’ taken by Michaela Jelin. Photo of Mimi Valdés from ‘Meeting Influencers from Afar’ property of Mimi Valdés. Photo of Dallas Clayton from ‘Inspo that Makes Pinterest Pale in Comparison’ property of Dallas Clayton. All other photos property of Plywood People.