5 Social Impact Speakers Taking the Stage at TEDxPeachtree

By October 5, 2017 No Comments

Everyone loves a good TED Talk. These binge-worthy lectures serve up wisdom from thought leaders on every topic imaginable. In less than 30 minutes, you can look to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie to remind you of the danger of a single story, let Brené Brown help you embrace your vulnerability, or learn how to inspire action from Simon Sinek.

Atlanta’s own series, TEDxPeachtree, gives the stage to the city’s brightest leaders. The bad news? It’s sold out. But don’t fret, you can soak in all their brilliance from the live stream. We snuck a peek at the social impact luminaries who will be presenting; while we weren’t able to snag their speeches, we dreamed up some likely topics they’ll be addressing based on their expertise.

James Beckman | Cardiologist
Giving to health

Speaking on: the idea that to get healthy, you must first believe you deserve it.

Jasmine Crowe | Anti-Hunger Activist
Hunger is a question of logistics; not scarcity

Speaking on: how the sharing economy can solve hunger if we view food as an asset.

Jason Martin | Public Education Activist
Teaching outside the box

The intersection between STE(A)M education and entrepreneurial spirit in elementary schools.

Susan Sparks | Comedian, Pastor, Attorney
Laughing our way to world peace one joke at a time

Speaking on: a new twist on the power of laughter to break barriers and find common ground

Louise Wasilewski | Criminal Justice Activist & Engineer
A new approach to overcoming prison overcrowding

Speaking on: technology to unite disparate groups working toward reducing recidivism