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Handshake Your Way to New Networks with These 7 Civic Groups

By January 4, 2017 No Comments

As you tucked away your most beloved holiday pajamas and began pressing the wrinkles out of your go-to work blazer maybe your mind wandered into upping your professional prowess in 2017. Or, maybe not. Either way, there’s no doubt 2016 was filled with clamorings around everyone’s age-old favorite development topic – networking! Sure you can read about five ways to start a conversation as an introvert or the value of the follow-through, but we think you need to go ahead and dive into the deep end. New year, new pressed suit you, right?

If you’re rolling your eyes now, go ahead and ignore the resolution gimmicks but don’t miss events by these civic-minded associations. You’ll be hand-shaking your way into new networks in no time, with or without the suit.

ATLeaders is the first Metro Atlanta Chamber group for young professionals under 40. Attend events and/or join a working group where you can attract members, tell stories, or leverage resources to create social impact in the A. (header image)

Do you have your heart set on volunteering? Community Bucket’s got you covered. Get your hands a little dirty, have a kick-ass time giving back and cool off with a fresh craft brew with a side of laughs with your new friends.

JCI is comprised of active citizens who are passionate about investing in a better global future. If you’re interested in becoming a Jaycee you can expect to participate in everything from community service to leadership development.

LINC is an association within United Way that focuses on elevating the local community through volunteering, connecting with professionals, and attending events. Did we forget to mention their love for mixing and mingling over food and drinks?

Social Enterprise Alliance of Greater Atlanta is a newcomer in the civic space but they have their eyes on fostering awareness, collaboration, and education that will strengthen social entrepreneurship in the city.

Urban League of Greater Atlanta – Young Professionals (or ULGAYP) is packed with young professionals aged 21-40 who are dedicated to serving their local communities through social and community activism.

YNPN Atlanta hosts a variety of professional development events from living life on a nonprofit budget to personal branding. It’s also a great way to catch up with nonprofit comrades on the good, bad, and ugly happening in the nonprofit sector.

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