Labor of Love | 5 Nine-to-Fivers with Soulful Side Hustles

By September 4, 2017 No Comments

When it comes to side gigs, never was there a truer sentiment than hustle harder. The gig economy may help pay off debts a little faster but social impact shakers tend to bypass the cash and double down on heart.

In recognition of long days bleeding into even longer nights – and the lack of labor-free days –  we are highlighting five Atlantans with serious (and soulful) side hustles.

Sonia Sequeira
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As the Community Development Manager of FlatironCity, Sonia Sequeira is Atlanta’s biggest advocate for activating downtown. If you don’t see her at startup events or leading quarterly Boozestorming sessions, you’ll surely see her hopping between Community Bucket, Concrete Jungle, or Sweet Sweet Syria.


Admiringly known as the “Johnny Appleseed” of Atlanta, Robby Astrove sows his seeds as the Preserve Manager at Davidson-Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve. When he’s not atop Arabia Mountain, you can find Robby getting his hands dirty for Fruit Forward, an urban agriculture nonprofit planting orchards in urban food deserts throughout the city.


Amanda Avutu has a way with words as the founder of Good Egg Branding and founding editor of A Place of Refuge. When she’s not crafting the perfect narrative, Amanda supports a refugee family’s dream of finding new ground in America through Sweet Sweet Syria.


As an influential connector in ATL, it’s fitting that Bem Joiner is the Community Manager at Center for Civic Innovation. When he’s not clocking in hours at Atlanta’s home for social impact, he’s assembling (and activating) the city’s movers and shakers as the Co-Founder of Leverage ATL.


Tim Adkins is everywhere, which is why his latest job as the Director of Marketing & Communications at Hands On Atlanta hits home. Whether he is working behind the scenes of Atlanta’s chapter of Fuckup Nights or leading runs through his organization Antilo, one thing is for sure – if it’s an event worth attending, Tim will be there.

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