Holy Macaroni! Here’s Why You Want to be at MAC & Cheese

By September 6, 2017 No Comments

There’s never been a feta time to be alive because this Saturday marks Midtown Assistance Center’s MAC & Cheese. This inaugural event will benefit MAC’s ongoing programs which cover everything from transportation to rent and utility payments for Atlantans at risk of becoming homeless.

The sheer fact that MAC is cleverly utilizing their acronym to fill our bellies and benefit Atlanta communities should be enough for you to be there. Just in case you’re not quite al dente, we’ve highlighted a few reasons you don’t want to miss out!

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Southern staples like Mary Mac’s Tea Room and newcomers on the scene like Torched Hops will gruyère up for the ultimate mac and cheese smackdown. You get to eat your Havarti out while some of the best restaurants in town face off for a spot on the proverbial podium. Everyone else will be (unofficially) dubbed limp noodles.


As you gorge yourself on Atlanta’s finest mac and cheese concoctions, you’ll get to wash it down with MAC Mules. What’s this exquisite libation you ask? Midtown Assistance Center’s take on Moscow and Kentucky Mules that are sure to be perfect parts vodka and ginger beer. Did we forget to mention you get two drink tickets?


When was the last time you made a macaroni necklace? Yeah, that’s what we thought! There will be an art table to break out of your shell and unleash your inner child. Go all in because whatever macaroni art you create will make the perfect gift for mom next Mother’s Day.


For over 30 years, Midtown Assistance Center has provided emergency assistance for low-income Atlantans to combat homelessness and hunger during periods of crisis. Since their founding, they’ve responded to 139,000 emergency situations, totaling $8 million in overall assistance. Their staff of six also answers 1k phone calls each month from people who need support in metro Atlanta!

We are doing a promo today on Instagram. Head on over for details on how you could score two free tickets!

“Mac Down” photo is property of ATL Adventurer. “MAC Mule” photo is property of Fado Irish Pub. “Love of Charity” photo is property of Midtown Assistance Center.