Meet the 12 Organizations in the 10th CivicX Cohort

By October 12, 2017 No Comments

The nation’s first accelerator for civic ventures, CivicX, recently selected its tenth cohort. After receiving over 60 applications from across the United States, Points of Light’s Civic Accelerator chose 12 organizations focused on workforce development and educational opportunity, to undergo their 10-week intensive boot camp.

The accelerator will include mentoring, education, peer support, and networking, with two finalists receiving a $50,000 investment at the end of the program. Get a sneak peek at the who’s who of this year’s cohort (including one right here in the A) and rub elbows with them in person at next week’s First Look.

 BridgeYear | Houston, TX

Forty percent of low-income high school graduates never enroll in college despite meeting all the milestones to get there. After counseling hundreds of students and recognizing this problem, Victoria Chen and Victoria Doan co-founded BridgeYear, a nonprofit connecting students to employment and education opportunities.

Chipper | Austin, TX

Student debt is a $1.3 trillion crisis currently crushing 44 million borrowers. With Chipper, individuals can diminish debt through a mobile app that rounds up change from everyday transactions and applies it toward what’s owed.

 ClassTracks | Baltimore, MD

Learning a new language can be muy dificil. ClassTracks is for teachers by teachers, to help students take the fast lane to learning a new language through gamified design.

Cooperate Inc. | New York City, NY

Overcoming underemployment” is the name of the game for nonprofit, COOP. Connecting underrepresented college grads to one another – and to meaningful careers in media, tech, and design – COOP helps spur local companies with diverse candidates.

 Fathers Building Futures | Albuquerque, NM

1 in 51 people are on probation or parole but facing serious barriers to job re-entry. To reduce recidivism and open the door to opportunity, Fathers Building Futures ensures parents receive job skills training and placement, financial education, and wrap-around services.

The Gifted Education Foundation | Atlanta, GA

45 million children in America are living in low-income areas. By fostering marketplace leaders from low-income communities across America, The Gifted Education Foundation aims to be a major catalyst in providing accessible tools to students in order for them to succeed in high school, college, and in the workplace.

 InReturn Strategies | Kansas City, KS

There’s a disconnect between businesses and social service organizations helping individuals with disabilities, leaving 1.5 million people on the sidelines waiting for work. InReturn bridges the gap, placing high-performing workers with jobs businesses need to be filled.

JobSnap Media | Los Angeles, CA

30-second video resumes beat sifting through stacks of paper. JobSnap’s interviewing software is a first-of-its-kind web app allowing underserved communities tell their story and land a job using a platform Generation Z knows.

 La Cocina VA | Arlington, VA

La Cocina is using food to fuel social and economic change. By placing unemployed immigrants into culinary and entrepreneurial careers, La Cocino is feeding, educating, and empowering the minds of the community.

NewHire® | Chicago, IL

Hiring someone takes time and money – something we all need more of. With over 75 job boards and an average hire within 30 days, NewHire® helps businesses employ better people by providing the candidates, screening tools, and coaching.

ReciproCare | Washington, D.C.

America is 66% underemployed among caregivers, yet the demand for senior care is growing exponentially. ReciproCare matches great caregivers looking for jobs with senior care organizations.

The Memo | New York City, NY

Through community, access, and education, The Memo, is a digital platform, co-founded by Minda Harts and Lauren Broussard, to give women of color a leg up on their career growth.

Photos are property of their respective organizations except for InReturn Strategies and NewHire.