When Social Media Shares on the Syrian Crisis Aren’t Good Enough

It is universally haunting to watch the harrowing acts of violence against Aleppo. As minutes turned into hours and slowly into days, we sat watching. Together, we expressed feelings of desperation on social media as videos, photos, and messages of last goodbyes were shared. We sat. We watched.

Carnage piled up and our eyes didn’t leave the screen. Livelihoods were lost amongst the dust and rubble and we were there vigorously tapping away. Let’s not sit idly by anymore, that’s not good enough. We have choices. We can watch or we can act. We can have conversations or we can be silent.

Our individual voices only carry so far on social media. We urge you to do more. While Gather Good will continue ‘business per usual’ we will also make a concerted effort to share stories about refugees, volunteers, communities, and causes supporting war-torn countries. We urge you to do the same.

Below are international and local causes making an impact on refugees throughout the world. There are countless more. Support these efforts or others you find on your own. Read about international organizations providing aid. Donate if you can. Buy goods made by hands of color. Volunteer. Be a mentor. Have conversations with people who may not look like you or live like you.

Don’t let Aleppo become a distant memory. Let’s remember that this can, and very likely will, happen again. Join us in doing more.



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